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Single Origin Coffee - Geva Premium Coffee

Single origin coffees

  • Brazil Bourbon Santos Santos is the world’s greatest coffee port. Brazil contends with Columbia for the position as the world’s biggest coffee exporter. A high grade Brazilian coffee with a smooth flavor and medium body.
  • Columbian Excelso - Papaya Columbia produces 12% of the world’s coffee supply. Columbian is a mild, rich, smooth cup of coffee.
  • Columbian Supremo Supremo is the top export grade of coffee bean from Columbia. These large, bold beans yield an attractive roast. A well balanced coffee with a medium body and excellent aroma.
  • Costa Rican Campana
  • Costa Rica is the 9th largest coffee producer in the world. Only Arabica is grown in this country due to laws banning Robusta cultivation. A rich, full bodied, strictly hard bean coffee possessing a good aroma and mild flavor.
  • Ethiopian Yirgachefe Organic / FTA
  • light, bright coffee with a pleasing ‘splash’ of fruit and flora on the first sip. A good example of African beans, which finish softly (in contrast to heavier Asian beans.) Imparts full flavor, but delivers a medium body.
  • Guatemalan Antigua This carefully cultivated Arabica from the volcanic highlands of Guatemala Antigua Province is superbly aromatic. It is rich, lively, and full of flavor – yet heavy bodied with bright acidity.
  • Honduras San Marco – SHG Sun dried, San Marco is a full-bodied coffee with a bright acidity and a classic flavor and aroma.
  • Honduras Santa Rosa – HG Santa Rosa coffee has a clean, medium body with a smooth taste, distinctive of Arabica coffees.
  • Kenya AA
  • This unique and strongly flavored coffee offers a complex profile of citrus and blackberry. The wonderful aroma combined with nearly perfect wine like acidity makes it a favorite among more sophisticated coffee drinkers.
  • Kona Gold King Kamehameha’s
  • Mexican AlturaAltura means that this bean is grown high in the mountains of Mexico. This medium bodied bean, with a mild, slightly sweet, and even nutty taste, is considered among the finest in the world.
  • NicaraguanA wonderful South American light roast coffee. The bold flavor is very popular for those who like hearty coffee without the dark roast.
  • Panama BouquetHand picking of only the ripest beans makes this one of the finest coffees to come out of Central America. Bouquet coffee is famous for its high acidity and medium body taste. Panama Bouquet continues to be on the list of the top 10 best coffees in the world.